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QHHT is an advanced hypnosis technique. The QHHT practitioner takes you into the deepest trance, from where the subconscious memory can be activated and released. It’s a very special exploration toward your inner world. It’s the inward journey following wherever your subconscious leads you. Eventually you can communicate with your Superconscious mind, from where you can find answers for all your questions.


Here's Lorna Wilson's description about QHHT in her book "Healing journeys through quantum realities." 

"Quantum Journeys is a method of self exploration that works at the quantum or a subatomic depth of consciousness, and is directed by the higher conscious levels of the mind, or the soul. The subconscious mind knows what to reveal to each individual, on any topic of relevance from its wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

Quantum journeys are a way to have mystical experiences, and receive spiritual teachings communicated through self-interactive experiences.

Quantum sessions are built upon accessing awareness, expanding awareness and integrating awareness. The mind must access information through its broader, non-linear, non-judgmental state, rather than through the limited, finite expressions of the everyday conscious mind perception.


The very act of experiencing yourself as an immortal being existing completely independent from your physical body, often removes the fear of death, while allowing for a direct experience with the non-physical. Consciousness explorers having experienced their consciousness as separate from the body, know without doubt that they do not die for although the atomic structure of the body dies, consciousness lives on.

The format for Quantum Journeys is a simple, three-part process, that is not restricted by any cultural, generational, race or any particular topic of enquiry through self-exploration of the individual mind.

  • Pre-talk = Communication with the conscious mind.

  • Hypnosis = Revelation from the subconscious mind.

  • Higher self/mind dialogue = Communication and resolution through the higher consciousness levels of the mind.

when we don’t like how we are feeling, or are experiencing memories of past failures, we are often not physically grounded in our bodies, as our body is not always a comfortable place to be. We revisit the original feeling or trance state that was locked or anchored in our energy field whenever we feel low, tired, stressed or emotional. We can use intentional hypnosis to revisit these events whenever we want, to heal and release the blocked energy that is stuck there. Once we understand the causes we can choose different outcomes."



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Self exploration can require courage... it can take you to and thru some really interesting places... Vortices, sanctums, deep astral inner space, various states of Being, of Is-Ness. It’s pretty cool stuff, the interior journey following the energy where it leads you... And not without perils, not without perils... It can lead you into some pretty hairy places, to places where the piece of others, albeit well-meaning are unbeknownst to both of you feeding off your light…It can lead you through shamanic extractions, “past lives”, and the lifting and shifting of the stories of the trauma patterns of humanity which are imprinted on your DNA... And if you find your way through all of it, it can lead you to the forgotten or as-yet-undiscovered roots of your own wholeness... It can lead you to your Self.” 

—Murshida VA

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