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Karen Li Hypnotherapist

       When we talk about who we are, we actually talk about who we were in the past.


       In the past I had a medical degree in China, in the past I was a successful business woman in the corporate world, in the past I worked in healthcare field on both sides of the continents. But that was all passed. When my conscious world was shattered and stretched wide open by my subconscious world through hypnosis, when my logic and scientific brain was questioned and shared by much stronger soul-awakening spirituality, the past is not defining me anymore.


I am who I want to be. I AM WHO I AM.


         Practicing hypnotherapy for over 8 years, I realized most of the topic I have encountered with my clients is about love and fear. It is in our nature to seek for connection, seek for love, but sometimes we forget love can come from inside. So I help my clients to find love within, find that love, you will find power, the power that enables you to tap into the universal consciousness, the power that created you as what an amazing human being you are, or in believer’s point of view, the God. Find that love, you will never fear anything from outside world.


      Every time I see my clients overwhelmed with tears by the first glimpse of soul light under the hypnotic trance, I hear my late beloved mentor Leslie McIntosh whispering by my ears: “ You see the light? — That is what we call UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…”


        As far as I know every one of us is working in progress. That is what I tell myself - “For every person I heal, the earth lightens.”

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