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How To Explain Hypnosis In Science?

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Hypnosis works by first achieving a certain state of mind. Hypnosis induces a natural, relaxed state of mind. Alpha is the brain wave state of mind associated with beginning hypnosis. It's a simple, natural state of mind we are in every day. Whenever you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you're beginning to generate alpha brain waves.

There are four brainwave states: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. (Gamma wave is a supporting wave interweaved with other states).


Beta is our normal, walking around awake state with brainwaves in the 14-30 Hz range. We generate beta brainwaves by moving around and thinking.


Alpha is a lightly relaxed state; a beginning hypnosis and visualization state; a daydreaming state in which our brain is operating in the 7-14 Hz range. 

Theta state is the meditation, deep hypnosis, and light sleep state. This is also the lucid dreaming state and OBE state (out of body experience) in which our brain is operating in the 3-7 Hz range. We get there through guided meditations that take us on a journey deep within ourselves. We also get there by simply going to sleep.

Delta is the deep sleep, healing state, generating brain waves in the 0.5-3 Hz range. This occurs during our sleep cycles at night.

Alpha operates as a bridge between the conscious mind (beta state) and the subconscious mind (theta state). The alpha state allows our conscious access to the unconscious material located in our subconscious mind. When in a hypnotic state, this "alpha bridge" affords us the opportunity to reprogram our subconscious mind. We can access information in the unconscious part of our mind to help us better understand our actions and motivations, and we can change our habits and belief systems.

Hypnosis Q & A

Why Hypnosis? 


 “I know I shouldn’t eat that cake (or puff a smoke, or be with that guy, or….), I just can’t help myself”. Mental struggle is the battle between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind which we all have experienced before from time to time. 


The conscious mind is logical and analytical, and knows what you should or shouldn’t do. But, “YOU” just can’t follow through in day to day life. That “YOU” is the subconscious part of you and it controls your behavior patterns. When it comes to the battle between conscious and subconscious, your subconscious wins in most of the cases.


That is why talk therapy doesn’t work well - Talk therapy works with your conscious mind. Unfortunately the conscious mind doesn’t have all the control and it doesn’t communicate directly with your subconscious mind, from which you act upon whenever your conscious mind takes a break.


In hypnosis trance, your brain wave will be in Alpha or Theta spectrum, which is unique for the subconscious pattern and the therapists work with your subconscious mind directly, that is why the results for hypnotherapy are instantaneous, and more effective that any forms of talk therapy.

Why Past Life Regression?

Do you feel like you have unexplained fears that you’re unable to root in the history of the life you’re living?

Do you feel as if you still have unanswered questions — a constant nagging and a sense that, in spite of it all, there’s still something that you’re not quite “getting?”

Perhaps you experience anxiety, depression, or physical pain that no one can seem to diagnose?

If so, then you might  get some answer from past life regression.

Consciously or subconsciously, you bring your past experiences and your Past Life experiences to your present life. The more you understand your past, the more empowered you become to develop  your highest potential.

Accessing your past lives can give you new direction, increase your perspective and help you to understand yourself better. 

Fear of Death. Seeing for yourself that you have lived other lives, and that your soul continues on to other incarnations, dissolves the fear of death.

Past Life Regression has a great value of healing in your current life. It clears blocks, removes fears, problems, past patterns and can heal your physical, emotional and mental body, as well your energetic body. Once old energies are cleared, you experience profound benefits to your body, mind and spirit, which will function from a lighter, more elevated level.

You see that all paths bring awareness, you recognize that some life challenges are not punishment, but an experience for your progress. 

Can QHHT help with my physical problems? 

"There is no illness from the body apart from the mind”.

- Socrates


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is based on the premise that life issues, mental troubles and even physical illness are all originated from deeply rooted beliefs in our Subconscious. This may include traumatic events from our childhood and past lives. The physical issues could also be messages sent from our Subconscious mind to ourselves. 

As stated in the book "Knowing ourselves" (Joman Romero) :

“Health is not a state, it is a very dynamic process that is achieved through good communication with ourselves, becoming watchers of our thoughts and emotions to lead them to a state of peace and mental health that will result in our physical health.


The disease is the result of having lost touch with our feelings, having put aside the purpose of our life, the inability to express our individuality. It is the symbol of having lost the sense of unity with the world, people, nature, and God; of feeling separated and disconnected from the spiritual world.

Therefore, we must assume that the body is not sick, the one who is ill is the human being. The human being only has a single disease, the loss of harmony in its consciousness."

QHHT enables direct contact and communication with the Subconscious of any individual for answers to any questions and can also provide the basis for instantaneous healing when it's appropriate. Knowing the purpose of the message to the body, and then receiving the correcting beliefs, can cause spontaneous healing to anyone who is seeking truth about himself. 

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